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International Conference Series on Challenges in Law, Technology, Life, and Social Sciences

This conference is organized by Aliuska Duardo-Sanchez, PhD., Law.Lic., Dept. of Public Law, Faculty of Law, UPV/EHU. Sciforum is not responsible for the content posted on this website.

A: Law & Information Technology (IT)

This section foucs on the study of some of the Legal and Ethic implications of Communication Technologies (ICT) advances. It means legal inplications of TICs and not the inverse problem (use of TICs in Legal sciences). In this sense, the presentations will be focused on legal trends in different fields covering, but not limited to: patentability vs. copyrigth in software protection, software licencing, open software initiative.

The section also include, legal aspects of medical coding, medical records, and personal data protection in medical informatics in healthcare units, hospitals, and biobanks, etc. Another area of this section is software protection in chemoinformatics, bioinformatics, and medical informatics.

The section also covers legal aspects related to cybersecurity in cloud and high performance computing (HPC), data protection in Internet and electronic social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.). As well as, legal aspects of copyright transfer/protection in scientific publishing, social networks, and content repositories (Mendeley, Researchgate, Academia.edu, Linkedin, Endnote, Github, ORCID, ResearcherID, etc.), Romeo system, etc.

*Note: the inverse problem (use of TICs for the analysis of Legal sciences) is covered by Section D: Data Analysis in Criminology, Legal, & Social Complex Networks, link: http://sciforum.net/conference/LAWSci-01/LAWSci-D