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00: Editorial from the Chairman

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A: Research in Inorganic, Analytical, Physical, and Organic Chemistry

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B: Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Biotechnology, and Drug Discovery

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The microRNA regulatory network: a far-reaching approach to theregulate the Wnt signaling pathway in number of diseases
Anxiolytic-like effects of 7H-benzo[e]perimidin-7-one derivatives through elevated plus-maze test in mice
Computational prediction of thermolysin inhibitors using multiple linear regression according to OECD principles
Modeling the interactions between mitochondrial voltage-dependent anion cannel (VDAC) and single walled carbon nanotubes using molecular docking simulation with virtual screening framework
Two QSAR Paradigms- Congenericity Principle versus Diversity Begets Diversity Principle- analyzed using computed mathematical chemodescriptors of homogeneous and diverse sets of chemical mutagens.

C: Soft Matter Physics, Polymers, Materials, and Nanosciences

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D: Clinical Medical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, and Medical Informatics

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Biometeorology of asthma: A multi-scale and complexity approach.
Multiple drug resistant malaria and its effects on hemoglobin and CD4-lymphocytes of HIV-seropositive pregnant women at Kaduna state, Nigeria

E: Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Complex Networks Analysis

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A revision of statistical methodology in experimental sciences

F: Scientific Software

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by Yong Liu  *