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Viruses 2018 - Breakthroughs in Viral Replication

S1: General Topics in Virology

Confirmed Speakers

Dr. Ralf Bartenschlager
University of Heidelberg, Germany

Dr. Rosa Pintó
University of Barcelona, Spain

Prof. Dr. Michael S. Diamond
Washington University in St. Louis, School of Medicine, USA





List of Accepted Abstracts (32)
Autophagy Participates in Dengue Virus Production by Promoting Viral Uncoating Process
Abnormal Hepatocellular Organelles Remain to Be Observed in Sustained Virological Response Patients
A Novel and Promising Chemical Compound with Anti-Rotavirus Activity
An Influenza Uncoating Epitope Confers Capsid Stability
Analysis of the Mechanical Properties of HIV-1 Capsid and Their Impact on the Uncoating Process
Building a Mathematical Model of Virus Entry
Coreceptors HIV-1 Mediated Apoptosis Occurs in Macrophages Infected by X4- but Not by R5-Viruses
CRISPR-Cas Co-Evolutionary Dynamics in Natural Host–Virus Populations
CRISPR-Cas9 screens define novel host factors required for infection by arthritogenic alphaviruses
Detection of Human Bocavirus mRNA in PBMCs from Patient with Acute Lower Respiratory Tract Infection
Functional Study of Hepatitis C Virus to Identify Mechanisms of Antibody Evasion by Hypervariable Region 1
Genetic and Antigenic Characterization of Piscine orthoreovirus (PRV) from Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Genomic and phenotypic diversity associated with neonatal HSV-2 disease
HCV Resistance-Associated Substitutions (RAS) Testing: Cut off at 15%?
Hsp90 Dictates Viral Sequence Space by Balancing the Evolutionary Tradeoffs between Protein Stability, Aggregation, and Translation Rate
Human Papillomavirus Seroprevalence and Association with Anal HPV Infection and Squamous Intra-Epithelial Lesions in Australian Gay and Bisexual Men
Influenza Neutralization Fingerprinting Utilizing an Engineered Reporter Virus-Based High-Throughput Neutralization Assay
Localisation of the Human Coronavirus NL63 Nucleocapsid Protein
New Insights into Flaviviridae–Host Cell Interactions
Protein–Protein Interaction Network in Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1
Reverse Transcription Mechanically Induces HIV-1 Capsid Disassembly
Revisiting the Implication of Beta-Karyopherins in HIV-1 Nuclear Import
SERINCs and HIV Infectivity
The Effects of Autophagy on H5N1 Infection of Immature Dendritic Cells
The Production of Cytokines in Whole Blood Cultures Following Exposure to Human Coronavirus NL63 and SARS-CoV Nucleocapsid Proteins
The Role of the Deubiquitinase USP7 in Influenza Virus Entry
The Virologist in His Labyrinth: How to Introduce the Complex of Virology to the Lay Community
Towards a Protein-Based Zika Virus Vaccine
Ubiquitination-Dependent Adenovirus Capsid Disassembly at the Nuclear Pore Complex
Variability in Disinfection Resistance within and between Currently Circulating Enterovirus B Serotypes
Virus Entry Complex Changes during Tissue Culture Adaptation of Human Herpesvirus-6A Identified by Whole-Genome Deep Sequencing and Structural Modelling.
Visualizing the 3D Architecture of the Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) Replication Organelles