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3rd International Electronic Conference on Medicinal Chemistry

D: Round Table on Parasitic Diseases

This round table is chaired by Dr. Conor Caffrey from the University of California at San Diego (USA).

List of Accepted Abstracts (8)
Search of Trypanosomicidal Active Principles by Metabolomic-guided Fractionation in Baccharis trimera
Arylideneketones with Potent Trypanosomicidal Activity that Causes Late Apoptosis/Necrosis Like Nifurtimox
Drug Targeting of Natural Products: the Example of Antileishmanial Quinolines
Identification of a Novel Potent and SelectiveAnti-Trichomonas vaginalis Agentamong Libraries of Bisbenzimidazoles
Minor Groove Binders for DNA as Antitrypanosomal Agents: the Veterinary Context
Phenotypic Screening on ‘Pathogen Box’ Yielded Novel Antiparasitic Compounds in Leishmania infantum
Synthesis and Anti-Mycobacterium tuberculosis Activity of N-oxide Containing Heterocycles
Targeting the Trypanosome Alternative Oxidase (TAO) as Promising Chemotherapeutic Approach for African Trypanosomiasis