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4th International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications

Biosensor with UV spectrophotometric detection
Micro sensing of pH levels in biological samples by graphene-based Raman spectroscopy
Evaluation of Silicon Nanonet Field Effect Transistor as Photodiodes
Piezoelectric Microsystems: Material Aspects, Devices and Applications
Novel food-safe spin-lattice relaxation time calibration samples for use in magnetic resonance sensor development
The Alignment Method for Linear Scale Projection Lithography Based on CCD Image Analysis
Theoretical study of quasi-longitudinal Lamb modes in SiN/c-AlN thin composite plates for liquid sensing applications
UV Total Dose Nonvolatile Sensor Using Fluorine-Treated SOHOS capacitor
Characterization of near-ground radio propagation channel for wireless sensor network with application in smart agriculture
Cost-benefit optimization of sensor networks for SHM applications
Standalone point-of-use device for gluten detection in food: POCT application experiment in SMARTER-SI european project
A 3D Visual Attention Model to Guide Tactile Data Acquisition for Object Recognition
Chatter vibration monitoring in the surface grinding process through digital signal processing of acceleration signal
Integration of Autonomous Wireless Sensor Networks in Academic School Gardens
Observability and Performance Analysis of Velocity Measurements with Lever Arm Aided INS
Real-Time Audio Event Detection over a Low-Cost GPU Platform for Surveillance in Remote Elderly Monitoring
Ambient temperature effects on data logging IC’s power consumption: monitoring ready meal delivery services
Automatic Task Selection from Targets Recognition for Swarm Mobile Robots with Specialized Agents
Calibration of Mobile Robotic Systems: A Pilot Study
Hyperspectral survey method to detect the titanium dioxide percentage in the coatings applied to the Cultural Heritage
The Analysis of Compressed Sensing for Total Variation Minimization and Bregman
Underwater communication using acoustic parametric arrays
Application of a low cost instrumentation in Arctic extreme conditions
Applications of Piezo Sensors: A Review
Combining Water Indices for Water and Background Threshold in Landsat Image
Influence of particle size in the characterization of street dust by proximal soil sensing
Optical remote sensing method for detecting urban green space as indicator serving city sustainable development
Optimal Robot Path Selection Using Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchical Process
Performance evaluation of microtubular solid oxide fuel cell prototypes at a laboratory scale and identification of requirements for gas sensors
Planar localization of radio-frequency or acoustic sources with two receivers
Recent advances in high-frequency oscillations and seizure onset detection using Laplacian electroencephalography via tripolar concentric ring electrodes
Recent Applications of Electronic-nose Technologies for the Noninvasive Early Diagnosis of Gastrointestinal Diseases
Refinement of temperature sensing yarns
Smartphone Motion Mode Recognition
Low Cost Air Quality Sensor Deployment and Citizen Science: The Peñuelas Project
Detecting Anomalous Noise Events on a Low-Capacity Acoustic Sensor in Dynamic Road Traffic Noise Mapping
A smartphone application for supporting the data collection and analysis of the Cultural Heritage damaged during natural disasters
An integrated framework for users’ well-being
Deterministic Propagation Modeling for Intelligent Vehicle Communication in Smart Cities
A Domain Specific Language for Smart Cities
How to define the Urban Comfort in the era of smart cities through the use of the Do-It-Yourself approach and new pervasive technologies.
Wireless monitoring of pavement temperature based on low cost computing platform
Wireless System Integration to Enable Smart Cities and Smart Regions
Analysis of Piezoelectric Diaphragms in Impedance-Based Damage Detection in Large Structures
Elastic Dry-Type Solar Cell Rubber with Photovoltaics and Piezoelectricity for Compressive Sensing
An Overview of Medium Access Control Protocols for Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks
Zero group velocity Lamb waves in diamond/AlN-based layered structures
Recent Advances on SHM of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures Enabled by Self-Sensing Structural Materials
Robust and Adaptive Image Segmentation for Structural Monitoring using Autonomous Agents
Signal Acquisition from Piezoelectric Transducers for Impedance-Based Damage Detection
List of Accepted Submissions