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Call for Participation

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4th International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications

The 4th International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications will be held from 15–30 November 2017 in the internet environment. This event will solely be an online proceeding which allows the participation from all over the world with no concerns of travel and related expenditures, while at the same time making rapid and direct exchanges about the latest research findings and novel ideas in sensors. All proceedings will be held online at http://sciforum.net/conference/ecsa-4 and in Journal Proceedings.

The conference aims to bring the scientists working in the field onto a common platform and promote and advance the exciting and rapidly changing field of sensing technologies and applications along the following 5 main themes:

and 2 specific sessions:

and also a Poster Session. Posters can be presented without an accompanying proceedings paper and will be available online on this website during and after the e-conference. However, they will not be added to the proceedings of the conference.

The conference will be completely free of charge - both to attend, and for scholars to upload and present their latest work on the conference platform. There will also be a possibility to submit selected papers to the e-conference related Special Issue "Selected Papers from the 4th International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications" of journal Sensors, with a 20% discount on the APC (ISSN 1424-8220; Impact Factor: 2.677 (2016); 5-Year Impact Factor: 2.964 (2016)). ECSA-4 offers you the opportunity to participate in this international, scholarly conference without the concerns and expense of traveling - all you need is access to the Internet. We would like to invite you to "attend" this conference by presenting your latest work. You will be able to present your work in the form of your proceedings paper, optionally you may also contribute a (video) presentation.

Abstracts (in English) should be submitted by 1 October 2017 online at http://www.sciforum.net/login. For accepted abstracts, the full paper can be submitted by 21 October 2017 . The conference itself will be held from 15–30 November 2017.

Paper Submission Guidelines

For information about the procedure for submission, peer-review, revision and acceptance of conference proceedings papers, please refer to the section "Instructions for Authors": http://www.sciforum.net/conference/ecsa-4/page/instructions.

Time Schedule

  • Deadline for Abstract Submission: 1 October 2017
  • Notification of Acceptance: 5 October 2017
  • Deadline for Submission of Conference Proceedings Papers: 21 October 2017
  • Conference Open: 15–30 November 2017