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[fis007] Four ways of thinking in information

1 unified theory of information research group
2 vienna university of technology
17 June 2010
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There are four ways of thinking: reductionism, projectivism, disjunctivism, integrativism. The gap between the "hard" science perspective and the "soft" science perspective on information reflect these ways of thinking. The paper discusses how this gap might be bridged by applying the fourth way of thinking.


Objectivism, subjectivism, subject-object-dialectics, materialism, idealism, emergentist materialism, externalism, internalism, perspectivism

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hofkirchner, w. Four ways of thinking in information. In Proceedings of the 4th Int. Conf. Found. Inf. Sci., 21–24 August 2010; Beijing, China, fis007;

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