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MOL2NET 2017, International Conference on Multidisciplinary Sciences, 3rd edition

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12: MODEC-02: Workshop on Natural Products and Agro-Industrial Procesess in Amazon, UEA, Puyo, Ecuador, 2017

MODEC, 2nd Edition


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                                                                               MODEC 2017 (Submissions Open)

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NOTE ON PUBLICATION MODEL: Before to submit your work be aware that the editorial publication model of this workshop is similar to a PREPRINT service. It means that works presented here have to be considered only as preliminary communications and not as final post-print versions of journal papers. In this sense, even when all the works published are revised by at least one member of the committee and/or external reviewer this level of revision checks only apparent scientific soundness and general scientific interest. In a second level, collective post-publication review, the works published may receive comments (published in the form of posts) from all the participants registered in the conference. The authors are prompted to use all these opinions  to write the full versions of their works and submit them to publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journals according to SciForum copyright rules. In the specific case of MODEC workshop all papers will be checked for possible similarity using the official count of the organizing university for URKUND web server. In any case, the authors are the only one responsible of the veracity of the contents, checking similarity to other works, citing properly previous works, etc.

MODEC2017, International Workshop on the Natural Products and Agro-Industrial Processes in Ecuadorian Amazon region

Welcome to the MODEC2017 workshop. This is Amazon State University's (UEA) first workshop, devoted to the promotion and application of  the Multidisciplinary Sciences to the development of natural products and agro-industrial processes in Ecuadorian Amazon regions.

This workshop runs both online and on location at the university. The online portion of the workshop is powered by the SciForum platform of MDPI, hosted by the MOL2NET International Conference Series on Interdisciplinary Sciences.

Additionally, the physical component of the workshop is also scheduled to run through the Department of Earth Sciences (Facultad de Ciencias de la Tierra) at Universidad Estatal Amazónica (UEA), Puyo, Ecuador. Please, contact the workshop chairmen for further details. Paper submission is already open and  the publication of papers for conference purposes in SciForum platform is free of cost.

Publications are expected to be short papers consisting of 1-3 pages. Be aware that the submission is a two step process.  First you must register and submit a tentative title, authors list and abstract. Next, you need to submit your full publication upon acceptance of the abstract by the committee. Full publications will be published online, free of charge, with doi number as soon as possible after acceptance. If you are planning to submit a publication, please use the following template, MODEC Template.doc. Click on the following link to register and/or submit your communication Sumit to MODEC here.

All submitted papers should fall under one of the following categories:

  • Computational chemistry, Cheminformatics, and Bioinformatics
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Organic and Functional Foods
  • BioTrade: Natural Products of the Amazon
  • Production systems with agro-business and forestry purposes or biomass for energy purposes
  • Environmental impacts
  • Agro-industrial development processes
  • Abstracts submission until 2017-Oct-01, Envio de los abstract hasta el 01 de octubre de 2017.
  • Abstract acceptance until 2017-Oct-03.
  • Communications submission until 2017-Nov-01.
  • Communications acceptance until 2017-Nov-15.
  • Communications publication until 2017-Nov-30.
 Please, click the following link to read the editorial paper with welcome message and call for papers as well as the full description of the workshop with details of topic, short biographies of the members of the committee, contact details, personal pictures, etc., [Workshop Editorial & Full Committee]


Prof. Amaury Pérez Martínez received his Bs. in Chemical Engineering in 2002, his MSc degree in Chemical Engineering Processes and Analysis in 2007, and his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering in 2013. He has worked in the development of new technology in the Chemical Industry. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor of Agro industrial Engineering at Amazon State University (UEA) in Puyo, Ecuador. His research interests include philosophy of process design, simulation, and sustainable development

Institution: Universidad Estatal Amazónica, Ecuador

Email: amperez@uea.edu.ec

Honoray Chairman

Prof. Dr. C. Julius Caesar Vargas Burgos, Full Professor and Rector of Amazon State University (UEA), Puyo, Ecuador

List of papers (23)
List of Accepted Abstracts (24)
Mathematical modeling of the Improvement in the obtaining of Essential oil of grass luisa (Cymbopongon Citratus) in the community Nueva Esperanza of the parish Cotundo, corner Archidona, province of Napo.
Characterization and traceability of Sacha Inchi oil (Plukenetia volubilis Linneo)
Formulation and processing of gluten and lactose-free mulberry ice cream based on soybeans and an average sugar content
Modeling the formulation of food diets using chinese flour (Colocasia esculenta) in pig (Sus scrofa) feeding in pos stage
Development of a nutraceutical drink based on lacto serum and pitahaya pulp
Anaerobic digestion of urban solid waste from the city of Puyo
Application of a mathematical model for estimating the useful life of the tomato tree (Solanum betaceum) using a combination coating with sande latex (Brosimun utile).
Characteristics of fermentation of king grass grass purple by effect of four levels of sugar cane
Commercialization and direct sale of yogurt frozen in the amazonia, with aesthetic presentation in the shape of ice cream and with accompaniment of tropical fruits.
Contributions to an Innovation Management System in the Environmental Services Center of Matanzas
Mathematic modeling to optimize the removal process of straction of the poliophenolic compound of Guayusa (Ilex guayusa)
Mathematical model for the preparation of a slimming drink with apio tomato flavor (Apium graveolens), ginger and apple vinegar, endless with stevia (stevia rebaudiana bertoni) and bee honey.  
Mathematical model in the process of mixing buttermilk with different concentrations of Arazá.
Mathematical modeling for the extraction of oil from the Amazonian fruit PITON Grias neuberthii L
Mathematical Modeling for the Study of Meat Preservation of Colossoma macropomum
Mathematical modeling in the fermentation process to obtain the biol from the liquid residues (blood, ruminal content, etc.) coming from the municipal camal of the city of Macas
Mathematical modeling of production citric acid from sugar cane bagasse using native Aspergillus niger from Ecuadorian Amazon
Mathematical modeling of the calorific value by means of bromatological analysis and calorimeter bomb of the sawdust of Pigüe (Pollalesta discolor).
Modeling a diagnosis to the Kallari biocontrolling plant as a quality assurance system based on the application of bpm (good manufacturing practices) in the production of cured vanilla and powder.  
Modeling and simulation process of extraction essential oil of Cinnamon by steam witch vapor
Modeling of the dairy Agroindustrial chain of the province of Chimborazo case canton Guano year 2017
Modeling of the drying process of Garlic Sacha leaves for Agroindustrial use
Modeling of ultrasonic assisted extraction to obtain a polyphenolic extract with high antioxidant activity from the paratima cecropiifolia Martius (monte grapes).
Use of garlic of the mountain (Mansoa Aliácea), in the elaboration of Spanish chorizo