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This conference is organized by Prof. Humbert González-Díaz. Sciforum is not responsible for the content posted on this website.

00: Editorial, Welcome Message, & Sponsors

01: Chemistry (All Areas), Soft Matter Physics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Polymer, and Nanosciences

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02: OMICs, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Neurosciences, and Biomedical Engineering

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Recent updates on Computer-aided drug discovery: Time for a Paradigm Shift
Acidic and Alkaline Enzymes Discrimination using Split Amino Acid Composition inheriting Chou’s Pseudo Amino acid composition incorporating Probabilistic Neural Network Model

03: Computational Sciences, Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, Complex Networks, Machine Learning, and Big Data

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04: SRI-09: 9th Summer Research Institute Symposium, STU-MDC, Miami, USA, 2017

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Antioxidant capacity of Moringa oleifera and Casuarina equisetifolia
Antioxidant capacity of Vitis rotundifolia and Petiveria alliacea
Antioxidant Capacity of Okinawa Spinach (Gynura bicolor)
Antioxidant properties of Hamelia patens and Annona muricata
Calcium-functionalized biochar for removal of contaminants in water
Doped Sn:S thin film absorbers for tin sulfide solar cells
Evaluating the role of DLGAP1 transcripts in autism biology
Gene Expression of Chloroplastic Antioxidant Ascorbate Peroxidases during Dehydration Conditions in Spinach Leaves
Investigation of the antioxidant properties of the invasive plant Brazilian pepper tree
Iron oxide-functionalized biochar for removal of discarded prescription drugs
Primer design for detection of antioxidant genes Ascorbate Peroxidase and Catalase inSpinacea oleracea, Camellia sinensis, and Daucus carota
Reforestation of Dade County Slash Pine Urban Forest
Synthesis and characterization of cobalt phosphate nanomaterials

05: WCUCW-01 West Coast University Capstone Workshop, WCU, Miami, USA, 2017

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06: INDOWSCI-01; US-EU India Worldwide Workshop on Multidisciplinary Sciences, NSIT, Delhi, India, 2017

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07: IWIMSM-01: Iberoamerican Workshop on Modelization and Simulation, UCV, Valencia, Spain, 2017

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Retos del empleo de la secuenciación masiva de nueva generación (NGS) de la macrofauna bentónica para la evaluación de la calidad ambiental marina.

08: LAWSCI-01: Challenges in Law, Technology, Life, and Social Sciences, UPV/EHU, Bilbao, Spain, 2017

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09: SIUSCI-01: San Ignacio University Sciences Workshop, SIU, Miami,USA, 2017

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10: EJIBCE-01; Meeting of Young Researchers in Structural Computational Biology, UC, Coimbra, Portugal, 2017

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Molecular dynamics simulation of the allosteric modulation of a GPCR by a coupled mini G protein
Quantum Chemical Modeling of Citrate Synthase reaction mechanism

11: EHUDW-01: First EHU-DELFIN Programme Workshop, UPV/EHU, Bilbao, Spain, 2017

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Estudio comparativo de la Candidiasis Invasiva en México y España
Oral diseases and microorganisms associated in people with intellectual disabilities: A comparison between Spain and Mexico

12: MODEC-02: Workshop on Natural Products and Agro-Industrial Procesess in Amazon, UEA, Puyo, Ecuador, 2017

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Mathematical modeling of the Improvement in the obtaining of Essential oil of grass luisa (Cymbopongon Citratus) in the community Nueva Esperanza of the parish Cotundo, corner Archidona, province of Napo.
Characterization and traceability of Sacha Inchi oil (Plukenetia volubilis Linneo)
Formulation and processing of gluten and lactose-free mulberry ice cream based on soybeans and an average sugar content
Modeling the formulation of food diets using chinese flour (Colocasia esculenta) in pig (Sus scrofa) feeding in pos stage
Development of a nutraceutical drink based on lacto serum and pitahaya pulp
Anaerobic digestion of urban solid waste from the city of Puyo
Application of a mathematical model for estimating the useful life of the tomato tree (Solanum betaceum) using a combination coating with sande latex (Brosimun utile).
Characteristics of fermentation of king grass grass purple by effect of four levels of sugar cane
Commercialization and direct sale of yogurt frozen in the amazonia, with aesthetic presentation in the shape of ice cream and with accompaniment of tropical fruits.
Contributions to an Innovation Management System in the Environmental Services Center of Matanzas
Mathematic modeling to optimize the removal process of straction of the poliophenolic compound of Guayusa (Ilex guayusa)
Mathematical model for the preparation of a slimming drink with apio tomato flavor (Apium graveolens), ginger and apple vinegar, endless with stevia (stevia rebaudiana bertoni) and bee honey.  
Mathematical model in the process of mixing buttermilk with different concentrations of Arazá.
Mathematical modeling for the extraction of oil from the Amazonian fruit PITON Grias neuberthii L
Mathematical Modeling for the Study of Meat Preservation of Colossoma macropomum
Mathematical modeling in the fermentation process to obtain the biol from the liquid residues (blood, ruminal content, etc.) coming from the municipal camal of the city of Macas
Mathematical modeling of production citric acid from sugar cane bagasse using native Aspergillus niger from Ecuadorian Amazon
Mathematical modeling of the calorific value by means of bromatological analysis and calorimeter bomb of the sawdust of Pigüe (Pollalesta discolor).
Modeling a diagnosis to the Kallari biocontrolling plant as a quality assurance system based on the application of bpm (good manufacturing practices) in the production of cured vanilla and powder.  
Modeling and simulation process of extraction essential oil of Cinnamon by steam witch vapor
Modeling of the dairy Agroindustrial chain of the province of Chimborazo case canton Guano year 2017
Modeling of the drying process of Garlic Sacha leaves for Agroindustrial use
Modeling of ultrasonic assisted extraction to obtain a polyphenolic extract with high antioxidant activity from the paratima cecropiifolia Martius (monte grapes).
Use of garlic of the mountain (Mansoa Aliácea), in the elaboration of Spanish chorizo

13: WRSAMC-02: Workshop in Medicinal Chemistry, UFPB, Paraiba, Brasil, 2017

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14: UCHCEUW-14: 14th UCH-CEU Workshop on Multidisciplinary Sciences, UCH, Valencia, Spain, 2017

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Intolerance to lactose and human race
Properties and benefits of Wasabi (Wasabi japonica) as well as its possible role in chemoprotection
Properties and effects derived from the consumption of yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis)
Quinoa, the gift of the Gods
Serrano ham, rich and healthy?
Benefits of chocolate consumption over cardiovascular health
To beer or not to beer
Uses of sarraceno wheat and its implementation in dietetics