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Symmetry 2017- The First International Conference on Symmetry

P: Poster Exhibition

Authors will have the opportunity to present their poster in a 3-min talk during a poster session. 

List of Accepted Abstracts (39)
Dynamic Feedback Balancing Algorithm for Data Management of an Integrated Sensing Network
Non-Fourier analysis method to solve of ambivalent phase benighted heat conduction in a hollow sphere with time-passive heat flux
4-Hydroxyproline Containing Podands: New Chiral Catalysts of the Asymmetric Biginelli Reaction
A Machine Learning Based Conceptual Framework for the Prediction of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea from 3D Photographs
A study of a generalized Benney-Luke equation with time dependent coefficients
About Symmetries, Pseudosymmetries and Conservation Laws in k-Symplectic Geometry
An Analysis of the Localized Airy–Laguerre–Gaussian Wave Packets Using Modified One-Parameter Point Symmetries
An Extended Effective Lagrangian Approach with Explicit Chiral Symmetry Breaking Interactions to the Strongly Interacting Matter Phase Diagram in the Presence of Magnetic Fields
Bosonic symmetries of the Dirac equation with nonzero mass
Combinatoric Properties of Restriction Sites
Commuting generalized symmetries for second-order ordinary differential equations
Conformal symmetry and cosmological models in the theory of induced gravity
Conservation Laws and Solutions of a Benney–Luke Equation
Darboux Solutions of Non-Abelian Quantum Painlevé II Equation in Terms of Quasideterminants
Enhanced and Optimal Development Contributed in Finding Unknown Sources of Interference in Wireless Communication
Enhanced Matrix Power Function for Cryptographic Primitives Construction
Equation without redundant components for spin s=(3/2,3/2) particle-antiparticle doublet and its Poincaré symmetries
Explicit solutions from residual symmetry of the Boussinesq equation
Functionals of harmonics functions
Generalized Circulant Matrices
Integrable 3-layer spin systems and its geometrical equivalent
Irreversibility and quantum information flow under global & local gauge symmetries
Lateral Asymmetry of Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex in Rats: Evaluation in Terms of Molecular Components by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
Lie group analysis of a coupled (2+1)-dimensional hyperbolic system
Mathematical modelling and simulation of a solar water heater for an aviculture unit using MATLAB/SIMULINK
Modifying Effect of Released-Active and Initial Compound Forms: The Case of Contra-Directional Regulation of Model Processes
Nekhoroshev Theorem for the Toda Lattice with Dirichlet Boundary Conditions
Novel Symmetry and Symmetry-Breaking Induced Complexity in Cosmological Evolution
On Modified Symmetries for the Boltzmann Equation
Potassium Channel Gating Mechanism Modeled by Harmonic Oscillators
Realization of a torus as generic lattice structure in all three dimensions from Lax pairing transformation of the conventional Minkwoski spacetime
Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking Related to the Onset of Instabilities in Low-Temperature Plasma
Suppression of Magnetization Tunneling in Rare-Earth Atoms on Surfaces of Various Symmetry
Symmetric maps on the plane: mathematical properties and numerical experiments
​​​​​Symmetries of Quantum Mechanical Potentials
Symmetry Analysis of the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation arising in financial mathematics
The (2 + 1)-dimensional Konopelchenko-Dubrovskyequation: nonlocal symmetries and interaction solutions
by Ren Bo  *
The Invariance, Conservation Laws and Integration of Difference Equations
The Symmetric and Antisymmetric Eigenvalue Problem for Electromagnetic Equilateral Triangular Waveguides via Plane Wave Reconstruction