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Symmetry 2017- The First International Conference on Symmetry

P: Poster Exhibition

Authors will have the opportunity to present their poster in a 3-min talk during a poster session. 

List of Accepted Abstracts (5)
Spectroscopic study of (all-R,R)-cyclohexanohemicucurbit[8]uril and its host-guest supramolecular hexafluorophosphate complexes
Darboux solutions of non-abelian quantum Painlevé II equation in terms of quasideterminants
Explicit solutions from residual symmetry of the Boussinesq equation
Reversibility vs Invertibility: time symmetry in the thermodynamics of quantum information.
The (2 + 1)-dimensional Konopelchenko-Dubrovskyequation: nonlocal symmetries and interaction solutions
by Ren Bo  *