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Sonia Quiroga

Universidad de Alcalá


by Sonia Quiroga, Zaira Fernández-Haddad, Cristina Suárez
doi: 10.3390/w6113300, published: 3 November 2014
by Márta Gaál, Sonia Quiroga, Zaira Fernandez-Haddad
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by Ana Iglesias, Luis Garrote, Sonia Quiroga, Marta Moneo, Ana Iglesias, Luis Garrote, Sonia Quiroga
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by Ana Iglesias, Sonia Quiroga, Marta Moneo, Luis Garrote, Ana Iglesias, Sonia Quiroga, Luis Garrote
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by A. Iglesias, S. Quiroga, A. DÍZ, Ana Iglesias, Sonia Quiroga, Agustin Diz
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by Ana Iglesias, Raoudha Mougou, Marta Moneo, Sonia Quiroga, Ana Iglesias, Sonia Quiroga
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by Emilio Cerdá Tena, Sonia Quiroga Gómez
doi: 10.1007/s11750-009-0114-3, published: 23 September 2009