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Professor Dee Bradshaw

University of Cape Town

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Prof Dee Bradshaw is the South African Research Chair in Mineral Beneficiation at the University of Cape Town as well as the Director of UCT’s Minerals to Metals Signature Theme. Her focus in on ‘adding value’ from minerals resources by developing technical levers that incorporate sustainability principles to contribute to the provision of minerals and metals to a sustainable world. With over 30 years of experience in Flotation, Process Mineralogy and Geometallurgy, she has initiated, set up and participated in post graduate courses and building research capacity in South Africa, Australia, Belgium, Sweden, Turkey and Chile. She is an Honorary Professor at UQ, and in 2014 /2015 was a visiting Professor at Hacettepe University, and a visiting scholar for the European Union Master in Georesources Engineering. In 2013 she was recognised by UQ as a leader who nurtures and develops her graduate students, a concept she calls ‘Living Gold’ (‎).


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