Nicolas Voelcker

Monash University

Biography hide/show; Tel.: +61 3 99039230
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by Anna Cifuentes‐Rius, Angela Ivask, Ester Sporleder, Ishdeep Kaur, Yasmin Assan, Shasha Rao, David Warther, Clive A. Prestidge, Jean‐Olivier Durand, Nicolas H. Voelcker
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by S. N. Aisyiyah Jenie, Sally E. Plush, Nicolas H. Voelcker
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by A. Forget, A. L. S. Burzava, B. Delalat, K. Vasilev, F. J. Harding, A. Blencowe, N. H. Voelcker
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by D Brodoceanu, H Z Alhmoud, R Elnathan, B Delalat, N H Voelcker, T Kraus
doi: 10.1088/0957-4484/27/7/075301, published: 18 January 2016
by D Brodoceanu, C Fang, N H Voelcker, C T Bauer, A Wonn, E Kroner, E Arzt, T Kraus
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by M A Cole, N H Voelcker, H Thissen
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