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Coordination and Subordination in the Kenyang Language
Mbu Martha Njui

Published: 01 January 2015 by American Research Institute for Policy Development in Journal of Foreign Languages, Cultures and Civilizations
American Research Institute for Policy Development, Volume 3; 10.15640/jflcc.v3n1a2
Abstract: Coordination and Subordination in the Kenyang Language Mbu Martha Njui Abstract Coordination and Subordination are common but important syntactic phenomena exhibited by natural languages. In investigating these phenomena, scholars have paid attention to its associated syntactic features such as the connecting devices, structural types, compression rules and constraining principles. Like many other languages, Kenyang employs two major strategies to conjoin phrases and clauses. These are the overt and the covert strategies. Talking about the overt strategy, the conjuncts of the coordinate structure are united by an overt morphological or phonological coordinating conjunction, while in the covert strategy the conjuncts are not united by any of such overt coordinating conjunction. Subordinate clauses in Kenyang on their part are marked by special subordinating morphemes which denote time, purpose, condition and concession. This paper describes the structure of both coordinating and subordinating phenomena in Kenyang (a Bantu Language spoken in the South West region of the republic of Cameroon). The structural approach is adopted in the data presentation to highlight on some cross- linguistic universals on coordination and subordination in order to properly characterize these linguistic features in Kenyang. Full Text: PDF DOI: 10.15640/jflcc.v3n1a2
Keywords: PDF, Cameroon, Coordination and Subordination, Njui, Martha, conjunction, Kenyang Language

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Coordination and Subordination in the Kenyang Language
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Coordination and Subordination in the Kenyang Language

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