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A Quintessential Lesson from European Union Integration to African Union
Hasan Korkut, Endris Mekonnen Faris

Published: 23 August 2016 by International University of Sarajevo in Inquiry
International University of Sarajevo, Volume 2; 10.21533/isjss.v2i1.55
Abstract: The African Union - a multipurpose cooperation platform which most believe inspired by the European Union - came to exist to transform the continents fate into a prosperous one. European Union unprecedentedly becomes the crucial factor to speed up the Europe’s integration. European Union is an economic community and was not meant, first, a political one. Hence European Union can be a quintessential lesson for the African Union if the later understands the formers achievement came because of the exclusive emphasis given to the economic approach. The paper empirically argues that economic integration leads to an outright continental political unity. Accordingly the continent’s integration can only be achieved when economic approach is given prior emphasis. The political approach is a default which by nature follows the achievements gained from economic approach.
Keywords: European Union, African Union, Economic Approach Integration, Political Approach.

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