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SPECT and PET Serve as Molecular Imaging Techniques and in Vivo Biomarkers for Brain Metastases
Published: 03 June 2014 by MDPI in International Journal of Molecular Sciences
MDPI, Volume 15; 10.3390/ijms15069878
Abstract: Nuclear medicine techniques (single photon emission computerized tomography, SPECT, and positron emission tomography, PET) represent molecular imaging tools, able to provide in vivo biomarkers of different diseases. To investigate brain tumours and metastases many different radiopharmaceuticals imaged by SPECT and PET can be used. In this review the main and most promising radiopharmaceuticals available to detect brain metastases are reported. Furthermore the diagnostic contribution of the combination of SPECT and PET data with radiological findings (magnetic resonance imaging, MRI) is discussed.
Keywords: brain metastases, molecular imaging, PET, SPECT, MRI, fusion imaging

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