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Putting Regulatory Data to Work at the Service of Public Health: Utilizing Data Collected Under the Clean Water Act
Jyotsna S. Jagai 1 , Barbara J. Rosenbaum, 2 Suzanne M. Pierson, 2 Lynne C. Messer, 3 Kristen Rappazzo, 4 Elena N. Naumova, 5 Danelle T. Lobdell 1
1  US Environmental Protection Agency
2  Innovate!, Inc
3  Duke University
4  University of North Carolina
5  Tufts University School of Engineering

Published: 02 July 2013 by Springer Nature in Water Quality, Exposure and Health
Springer Nature, Volume 5; 10.1007/s12403-013-0095-1
Keywords: EPA, Water Impairment, ICD, hydrology, mixed effects models, gastrointestinal infections, Medicare, hospitalization, recreational, Data and Stream
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