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A Universal Biomolecular Concentrator To Enhance Biomolecular Surface Binding Based on Acoustic NEMS Resonator
Wenpeng Liu, 1 Shuting Pan, 1 Hongxiang Zhang, 1 Zifan Tang, 1 Ji Liang, 1 Yanyan Wang, 2 Menglun Zhang, 2 Xiaodong Hu, 2 Wei Pang 2 , Xuexin Duan 1
1  State Key Laboratory of Precision Measuring Technology & Instruments, Tianjin University, Tianjin 300072, China
2  College of Precision Instrument and Optoelectronics Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin 300072, China

Published: 02 July 2018 by American Chemical Society (ACS) in ACS Central Science
American Chemical Society (ACS), Volume 4; 10.1021/acscentsci.8b00301
Abstract: In designing bioassay systems for low-abundance biomolecule detection, most research focuses on improving transduction mechanisms while ignoring the intrinsically fundamental limitations in solution: mass transfer and binding affinity. We demonstrate enhanced biomolecular surface binding using an acoustic nano-electromechanical system (NEMS) resonator, as an on-chip biomolecular concentrator which breaks both mass transfer and binding affinity limitations. As a result, a concentration factor of 105 has been obtained for various biomolecules. The resultantly enhanced surface binding between probes on the absorption surface and analytes in solution enables us to lower the limit of detection for representative proteins. We also integrated the biomolecular concentrator into an optoelectronic bioassay platform to demonstrate delivery of proteins from buffer/serum to the absorption surface. Since the manufacture of the resonator is CMOS-compatible, we expect it to be readily applied to further analysis of biomolecular interactions in molecular diagnostics.
Keywords: proteins, bioassay, NEMS, absorption, acoustic, resonator, affinity, biomolecular concentrator
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