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Thermal properties of a fiber-optic radiation sensor for measuring gamma-rays in high-temperature conditions
Dayeong Jeon, 1 Wook Jae Yoo, 1 Sang Hun Shin, 1 Seunghan Hong, 1 Hyeok In Sim, 1 Seon Geun Kim, 1 Jae Seok Jang, Kyoung Won Jang, 1 Bongsoo Lee, 1 Byung Gi Park, 2 Joo Hyun Moon 3
1  Konkuk University
2  Soonchunhyang University
3  College of Natural Science, Dongguk University-Gyeongju

Published: 20 January 2015 by Korean Physical Society in Journal of the Korean Physical Society
Korean Physical Society, Volume 66; 10.3938/jkps.66.46
Keywords: thermal properties, fiber optic, Gamma rays, annealing, scintillator, Measure gamma, Radiation Sensor, Optic Radiation, silica
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