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The Influence of Different Recycling Scenarios on the Mechanical Design of an LED Weatherproof Light Fitting
Victor Camanes 1 , Daniel Elduque 2 , Carlos Javierre 2 , Ángel Fernández 3
1  Zalux, Centro Empresarial Miralbueno, 50012 Zaragoza, Spain
2  Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zaragoza, C/María de Luna, 3, 50018 Zaragoza, Spain
3  AITIIP Technology Center (Centro Tecnológico en Inyección de Plásticos), Polígono Industrial Empresarium, C/Romero 12, 50720 Zaragoza, Spain

Published: 11 August 2014 by MDPI in Materials
MDPI, Volume 7; 10.3390/ma7085769
Abstract: This paper analyzes the high relevance of material selection for the sustainable development of an LED weatherproof light fitting. The research reveals how this choice modifies current and future end of life scenarios and can reduce the overall environmental impact. This life cycle assessment has been carried out with Ecotool, a software program especially developed for designers to assess the environmental performance of their designs at the same time that they are working on them. Results show that special attention can be put on the recycling and reusing of the product from the initial stages of development.
Keywords: light fitting, life cycle assessment (LCA), Recycling
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