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In situ measurement of snowmelt infiltration under various topsoil cap thicknesses on a reclaimed site
Andre F. Christensen, 1 E. Lenore Turner, 1 David S. Chanasyk, 1 M. Anne Naeth, 1 Connie Nichol, 2 Hailong He, Miles F. Dyck
1  Department of Renewable Resources, 751 General Service Building, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2H1
2  Agrium, Inc., 1751 River Rd, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada T8L 4J1

Published: 01 September 2013 by Agricultural Institute of Canada in Canadian Journal of Soil Science
Agricultural Institute of Canada, Volume 93; 10.4141/cjss2012-048
Keywords: Seasonally Frozen Soils, Ground Thermal Regime, Water and Heat Dynamics, Phosphogypsum Tailing, Fort Saskatchewan, Snowmelt Infiltration
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