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Measurements of relative depth dose rates for a brachytherapy Ir-192 sourceusing an organic scintillator fiber-optic radiation sensor
Sang-Hun Shin, Kyoung-Won Jang, Dong-Hyun Cho, Wook-Jae Yoo, Jeong-Ki Seo, Bong-Soo Lee, Joo-Hyun Moon, Sin Kim, Byung-Gi Park

Published: 30 November 2008 by The Korean Sensors Society in Journal of Sensor Science and Technology
The Korean Sensors Society, Volume 17; 10.5369/jsst.2008.17.6.462
Keywords: fiber optic, relative depth, Scintillator Fiber, Radiation Sensor, Organic scintillator, Brachytherapy Ir, Sourceusing
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