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Highway Charging Station Plan Based on Dynamic Traffic Flow Simulation
Jing Zhang, 1 Hao Zhou, 2 Shaohua Liu, 3 Chang Liu, 1 Shuang Zeng, 4 Linru Jiang, 1 Bin Li, 1 Hong Liu 1
1  Beijing Electric Vehicle Charging Engineering &Technology Research Center, China Electric Power Research Institute Co, Ltd, Beijing, China
2  Smart Grid Education Key Laboratory (Tianjin University), Tianjin, China
3  Anhui Electric Power Saving Service Co, Ltd, State Grid Corporation of China, Hefei, China
4  Beijing Electric Power Company, State Grid Corporation of China, Beijing, China

Published: 17 July 2018 by IOP Publishing in IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
IOP Publishing, Volume 170; 10.1088/1755-1315/170/3/032014
Abstract: The reasonable arrangement of the charging station, the infrastructure used to charge the electric vehicle, is vital for the promotion of electric vehicles. As for highways, a highway charging station planning method based on the dynamic traffic flow simulation is proposed in this paper. First, the running and charging demands of electric vehicles on the highways are analyzed; second, considering the interests of investors and vehicle owners, a mathematical model is constructed to specify the objective function; thirdly, the dynamic traffic flow simulation method suitable for the highway condition is proposed; finally, a method is provided, the validity and practicability of this method are verified with examples, and its effects on the photovoltaic consumption are analyzed further in this paper as for the planning result.
Keywords: Planning, Charging Station, highways, Traffic Flow Simulation, Dynamic Traffic Flow
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