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Genetic and epigenetic regulation on the transcription of GABRB2 : Genotype-dependent hydroxymethylation and methylation alterations in schizophrenia
Lu Zong, Lin Zhou, Yu Hou, Lulu Zhang, Wei Jiang, Wenwei Zhang, Lijuan Wang, Xia Luo, Shiqing Wang, Cong Deng, Zhizhen Peng, Shufen Li, Jiming Hu, Hu Zhao, Cunyou Zhao

Published: 01 May 2017 by Elsevier BV in Journal of Psychiatric Research
Elsevier BV, Volume 88; 10.1016/j.jpsychires.2016.12.019
Keywords: 5-azacytidine, 5hmc/5mc, hypermethylation, Rna Expression, SNP, Valproic acid
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