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Mitigation of Emissions through Fuel Economy Standards for Passenger Cars
Published: 21 October 2012 by Molecular Diversity Preservation International in Proceedings of The 2nd World Sustainability Forum in The 2nd World Sustainability Forum session Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources
Molecular Diversity Preservation International, 10.3390/wsf2-00875
Abstract: The economy has grown rapidly Indonesia in the last two decades. This growth has increased the ownership of passenger cars. The number of users of passenger cars is predicted to grow dramatically in Indonesia in the future. To reduce fuel consumption in the transport sector, the department of energy and department of transportation should consider implementing minimum fuel economy standards for passenger cars. This paper attempts to predict the potential mitigation of emissions through fuel economy standards for passenger cars. The calculations were based on the growth of passenger cars ownership data. The study found that the fuel economy standards for passenger cars would mitigate a significant amount of emissions in the country.
Keywords: Passenger Cars, Fuel Economy Standards, Emissions through Fuel, standards for passenger, Mitigation of Emissions
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