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Exergetic Aspects of Hydrogen Energy Systems—The Case Study of a Fuel Cell Bus
Published: 15 February 2017 by MDPI in Sustainability
MDPI, Volume 9; 10.3390/su9020276
Abstract: Electrifying transportation is a promising approach to alleviate climate change issues arising from increased emissions. This study examines a system for the production of hydrogen using renewable energy sources as well as its use in buses. The electricity requirements for the production of hydrogen through the electrolysis of water, are covered by renewable energy sources. Fuel cells are being used to utilize hydrogen to power the bus. Exergy analysis for the system is carried out. Based on a steady-state model of the processes, exergy efficiencies are calculated for all subsystems. The subsystems with the highest proportion of irreversibility are identified and compared. It is shown that PV panel has exergetic efficiency of 12.74%, wind turbine of 45%, electrolysis of 67%, and fuel cells of 40%.
Keywords: exergy analysis, fuel cell bus, hydrogen, sustainable transportation
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