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Itzik Klein   Dr.  Post Doctoral Researcher 
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Itzik Klein published an article in November 2017.
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CONFERENCE-ARTICLE 10 Reads 0 Citations <span>Observability and Performance Analysis of Velocity Measurements with Lever Arm Aided INS</span> Aviram Borko, Itzik Klein, Gilad Even-Tzur Published: 14 November 2017
Proceedings, doi: 10.3390/ecsa-4-04893
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In most autonomous vehicles the navigation subsystem is based on Inertial Navigation System (INS). Regardless of the INS grade, its navigation solution drifts in time. To avoid such a drift, the INS is fused with external sensor measurements. Recent publications show that the lever-arm, the relative position between the INS and aiding sensor, has influence on the navigation performance.

Most published research in this field is focused on INS/GNSS fusion with GNSS position updates only where performance and analytical observability analysis were made to examine the consequence of vehicle maneuvers on the estimation of the lever-arm states.

Yet, besides position updates, a variety of sensors measuring the vehicle velocity vector are available including GNSS and a Doppler velocity log. As in position measurements, when performing INS/velocity measurements fusion, the lever-arm must be taken account for. In this paper, an analytical observability and performance analysis for velocity measurements with lever-arm aided INS is derived for stationary conditions. The observable and unobservable subspaces are derived for two error-stets models: 1) a 12 error-state model (the position and lever-arm error-states are not included) yet the lever-arm is present in the measurement equation and 2) a 15 error-state model including the lever-arm error-states. The analytical closed form expressions are verified by numerical simulation.

Article 1 Read 8 Citations Observability Analysis of DVL/PS Aided INS for a Maneuvering AUV Itzik Klein, Roee Diamant Published: 22 October 2015
Sensors, doi: 10.3390/s151026818
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Recently, ocean exploration has increased considerably through the use of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV). A key enabling technology is the precision of the AUV navigation capability. In this paper, we focus on understanding the limitation of the AUV navigation system. That is, what are the observable error-states for different maneuvering types of the AUV? Since analyzing the performance of an underwater navigation system is highly complex, to answer the above question, current approaches use simulations. This, of course, limits the conclusions to the emulated type of vehicle used and to the simulation setup. For this reason, we take a different approach and analyze the system observability for different types of vehicle dynamics by finding the set of observable and unobservable states. To that end, we apply the observability Gramian approach, previously used only for terrestrial applications. We demonstrate our analysis for an underwater inertial navigation system aided by a Doppler velocity logger or by a pressure sensor. The result is a first prediction of the performance of an AUV standing, rotating at a position and turning at a constant speed. Our conclusions of the observable and unobservable navigation error states for different dynamics are supported by extensive numerical simulation.
Article 0 Reads 2 Citations A modified loosely coupled approach to INS/GPS integration Itzik Klein, Sagi Filin, Tomer Toledo Published: 01 January 2011
Journal of Applied Geodesy, doi: 10.1515/jag.2011.009
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