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Monika Culakova   Dr.  Graduate Student or Post Graduate 
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Monika Culakova published an article in October 2015.
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Eva Krídlová Burdová

23 shared publications

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Košice, Institute of Environmental Engineering, Košice, Slovakia

Silvia Vilčeková

22 shared publications

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Institute of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Košice, Košice, Slovakia

Jana Katunská

12 shared publications

Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Institute of Architectural Engineering

Alena Paulikova

7 shared publications

Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Jána Bottu 25, 917 24 Trnava, Slovakia

Ingrid Senitkova

4 shared publications

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Article 0 Reads 6 Citations Energy and Environmental Evaluation of Non-Transparent Constructions of Building Envelope for Wooden Houses Silvia Vilčeková, Monika Čuláková, Eva Kridlova Burdova, Jan... Published: 02 October 2015
Energies, doi: 10.3390/en81011047
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The contribution of embodied energy (EE) and greenhouse gas emissions to building materials and structures has been recognized as significant, especially for nearly-zero energy-efficient buildings. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the composition of non-transparent structures of building envelopes from energy and environmental perspectives using the life-cycle assessment method. The study assesses environmental indicators such as EE from non-renewable resources and CO2eq and SO2eq emissions from proposed assemblies of building structures for nearly-zero energy wooden houses. Material compositions are also calculated in terms of selected thermal-physical aspects (U-value, phase shift of thermal oscillation, relaxation time) to ensure the reduction of energy consumption during building operation. All results are compared using a multi-dimensional evaluation approach through mathematical methods. The multi-criteria decision analysis demonstrates that material optimization of building structures is possible to ensure a marked reduction of the energy consumption and carbon footprint of buildings.
BOOK-CHAPTER 0 Reads 0 Citations Determination of Assessment Scale for Selected Indicators in Slovak Building Environmental Assessment System BEAS Silvia Vilčeková, Eva Krídlová Burdová, Monika Čuláková Published: 23 June 2015
Springer Proceedings in Energy, doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-16901-9_39
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Article 6 Reads 0 Citations Multicriteria Decision Analysis of Material Selection of High Energy Performance Residential Building Monika Čuláková, Silvia Vilčeková, Jana Katunská, Eva Krídlo... Published: 01 November 2013
Selected Scientific Papers - Journal of Civil Engineering, doi: 10.2478/sspjce-2013-0023
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Article 0 Reads 1 Citation Multi-Criteria Analysis of Material Compositions of External Walls Monika Čuláková, Silvia Vilčeková, Eva Krídlová Burdová, Jan... Published: 01 February 2013
Advanced Materials Research, doi: 10.4028/
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Article 8 Reads 3 Citations Optimization of construction solutions for green building Monika Čuláková, Ingrid Senitkova, Alena Paulíková Published: 01 December 2012
Pollack Periodica, doi: 10.1556/pollack.7.2012.3.4
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PROCEEDINGS-ARTICLE 0 Reads 0 Citations Green Houses from Materials on Vegetable Base Ingrid Senitkova, Monika Čuláková Published: 01 January 2011
Modern Methods and Advances in Structural Engineering and Construction, doi: 10.3850/978-981-08-7920-4_s4-h05-cd
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