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CONFERENCE-ARTICLE 5 Reads 0 Citations Responsible Innovation in Practice Ineke Malsch Published: 23 October 2012
doi: 10.3390/wsf2-00836
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Responsible Innovation extends the scope of Responsible Care in Industry to the development of new technologies and products. In the upcoming EU HORIZON 2020 programme, Responsible Research & Innovation is expected to be an integral requirement for all EU funded projects. However, there are as yet few working instruments available for putting Responsible Innovation into practice. The presentation will review recent projects where the concept Responsible Innovation and tools for its implementation have been developed. In particular, results of the Dutch programme "Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Innoveren" of the funding council NWO and EU funded projects ObservatoryNano, NanoCode and EthicSchool will be discussed. The presentation will also cover the strategy for a follow-up project EthicSchool organising workshops and in-company training in Responsible Innovation. EthicSchool is an initiative taken by Malsch TechnoValuation, a consultancy in the area of Technology and Society: EthicSchool builds upon a former European project. This original project was funded by the European Union, contract nr. 036745, 01-09-2007-28-02-2009. Partners in this former project were Malsch TechnoValuation, University of Twente, Radboud University (NL) and TU Darmstadt, Germany.