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Mariano Ramirez   Dr.  Senior Scientist or Principal Investigator 
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Mariano Ramirez published an article in October 2014.
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BOOK-CHAPTER 0 Reads 0 Citations Commitments of University Leaders to the Talloires Declaration: Are They Evidenced in Industrial Design Teaching and Lea... Mariano Ramirez Published: 10 October 2014
Integrative Approaches to Sustainable Development at University Level, doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-10690-8_16
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Article 0 Reads 3 Citations Macadamia (Macadamia integrifolia) shell and castor (Rícinos communis) oil based sustainable particleboard: A comparison... A. Wechsler, M. Zaharia, A. Crosky, H. Jones, Mariano Ramire... Published: 01 September 2013
Materials & Design, doi: 10.1016/j.matdes.2013.03.008
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Article 0 Reads 0 Citations Discursos ‘andinos’ en la narrativa de Óscar Colchado Lucio Mariano Ramírez, Related Information Published: 01 January 2012
Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, doi: 10.3828/bhs.2012.42
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BOOK-CHAPTER 0 Reads 0 Citations Sustainability consideration amongst award-winning industrial design graduation projects in Australia Mariano Ramírez Published: 01 January 2012
Design for Innovative Value Towards a Sustainable Society, doi: 10.1007/978-94-007-3010-6_190
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Article 0 Reads 3 Citations Representation of Ecodesign Practice: International Comparison of Industrial Design Consultancies Johannes Behrisch, Damien Giurco, Mariano Ramírez Published: 10 October 2011
Sustainability, doi: 10.3390/su3101778
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Ecodesign offers significant potential to reduce the environmental impacts of products. Whilst some integration of environmental considerations into design occurs in progressive companies when engineering the product, this only represents a small share of the possible design interventions to improve the environmental performance of products. For example, developing new product concepts to fulfill needs in a less environmentally harmful way and considering user related aspects offers a large, currently under-realized potential. This paper identifies industrial design (ID) consultancies as potential agents to tackle this issue on a strategic and operational basis. The extent to which this potential is currently applied was assessed by conducting a content analysis of websites of ID consultancies in Australia, China, and Germany. How ID consultancies represent their ecodesign practice is country-specific. Despite the differences, some ID consultancies in all countries announce and/or show the capability to develop completely new concepts and to influence user related factors to improve environmental performance. This shows their potential to address current shortcomings in ecodesign practice. As ID consultancies embracing that potential still are a minority, further research should be directed to a deeper examination of barriers and stimuli for ID consultancies to take up ecodesign.
Article 0 Reads 6 Citations Cultural patterns in product design ideas: comparisons between Australian and Iranian student concepts Mohammad Razzaghi, Mariano Ramírez, Robert Zehner Published: 01 July 2009
Design Studies, doi: 10.1016/j.destud.2008.11.006
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