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Roberto Callarotti   Dr.  Research Director 
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Roberto Callarotti published an article in January 2012.
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Article 0 Reads 0 Citations UNCERTAINTY ESTIMATION IN COMPLEX PERMITTIVITY MEASUREMENTS BY SHIELDED DIELECTRIC RESONATOR TECHNIQUE USING THE MONTE C... Eduardo Paez, Marco Azpurua, Ciro Tremola, Roberto Cesare Ca... Published: 01 January 2012
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, doi: 10.2528/pierb12041306
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Article 1 Read 3 Citations Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROI) for the Electrical Heating of Methane Hydrate Reservoirs Roberto Cesare Callarotti Published: 07 November 2011
Sustainability, doi: 10.3390/su3112105
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We model the low frequency electrical heating of submarine methane hydrate deposits located at depths between 1000 and 1500 m, and determine the energy return on energy invested (EROI) for this process. By means of the enthalpy method, we calculate the time-dependent heating of these deposits under applied electrical power supplied to a cylindrical heater located at the center of the reservoir and at variable depths. The conversion of the produced water to steam is avoided by limiting the heater temperature. We calculate the volume of methane hydrate that will melt and the energy equivalent of the gas thus generated. The partial energy efficiency of this heating process is obtained as the ratio of the gas equivalent energy to the applied electrical energy. We obtain EROI values in the range of 4 to 5, depending on the location of the heater. If the methane gas is used to generate the electrical energy required in the heating (in processes with a 33% efficiency), the effective EROI of the process falls in the range of 4/3 to 5/3.