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Viktorija Stasytyte   Dr.  University Lecturer 
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Viktorija Stasytyte published an article in May 2016.
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Conference 0 Reads 0 Citations Risk management model for transportation company Viktorija Stasytyte, Raminta PilionienÄ— Published: 12 May 2016
Business and Management 2016, doi: 10.3846/bm.2016.36
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There are different risk management models developed in scientific as well as in practical literature, but they are usually of general manner and should be adapted for particular company or field of activity. The paper aims at developing a risk management model for transportation company, based on the prevalent theoretical provisions of risk management activity. The separate attention is given to risk identification stage as it proves to be a critical step of risk management process. Different methods, such as SWOT, PEST, financial analysis and questionnaire are applied to identify risks in transportation sector company. The proposed model includes the basic steps of risk management process and ends with a detailed risk management plan preparation.
BOOK-CHAPTER 1 Read 0 Citations Integral KNIT Cluster as a Source of Development Factors and Technological Frame for the Realization of Country Developm... Aleksandras Vytautas Rutkauskas, Viktorija Stasytyte Published: 08 November 2014
Innovation, Engineering and Entrepreneurship, doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-06764-3_67
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The purpose of the paper is to describe how the structure of knowledge, innovation and technologies’ cluster should be formed. The structure of the cluster is understood as a set of interacting components of the system. The authors synthesize the existing opinions and also reveal their own opinion about the possibility to determine the interaction among knowledge, innovation and technologies in the context of value creation or resource management, pursuing the preparation of the project for country universally sustainable development. The paper presents the original evaluation performed by the authors in order to optimally allocate the investment resources for knowledge, innovation and technologies among distinctive subsystems of universally sustainable development, as well as to optimally allocate the investment resources inside the cluster among the creation and development of knowledge, innovation and technologies. For the solution of the mentioned problem the methods of stochastic informative expertize and the adequate investment portfolio have been used.
BOOK-CHAPTER 1 Read 0 Citations Regional Competitiveness Information System as a Result of Information Generation and Knowledge Engineering Aleksandras Vytautas Rutkauskas, Viktorija Stasytyte Published: 15 December 2009
Advanced Techniques in Computing Sciences and Software Engineering, doi: 10.1007/978-90-481-3660-5_72
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The main idea of the paper is the formation of regional competitiveness information system conception, structurization of this system, determining the sources of its information supply and its application to decisions management. Proper knowledge on competitiveness contents and various attributes of competitiveness ensure the effective functioning of the system. Fully developed regional competitiveness information system can be applied for formation and application of regional development strategies.