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Fernando Domínguez-Castro published an article in April 2018.
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PREPRINT 0 Reads 0 Citations Early solar photographs by G. Roster (April 1893) F. Domínguez-Castro, J. M. Vaquero Published: 06 April 2018
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There are relatively few antique photographs of the Sun compared to drawings of the solar disc. We want to highlight three solar photographs taken by Giorgio Roster in 1893. Roster (1843-1894) was a doctor, chemist, and photographer. The library of the Museo di storia della scienza of Florence preserves part of Roster's legacy in the section "Carte e raccolta fotografica Roster", in which we want to highlight the title "Telefotografie Roster V: Macchie solari; teleobiettivo Roster, 1892-1893". This title contains three solar photographs taken from Florence with a Roster tele-objective. The main characteristics of the three photographs are: (i) Date: 21st April 1893. Time: 5:15 p.m. Magnification: 61x. (ii) Date: 25th April 1893. Time: 4:40 p.m. Magnification: 68x. (iii) Date: 30th April 1893. Time: 17:00 p.m. Magnification: 71x. It may be interesting to note that, although there are drawings of the solar disc in the collection of the Kalocsa Observatory for the days 21 and 30, there is no such thing for day 25. Thus, Roster's photographs fill that gap in the graphical information of the Sun.
Article 0 Reads 11 Citations The Little Ice Age in Iberian mountains M. Oliva, J. Ruiz-Fernández, M. Barriendos, G. Benito, J.M. ... Published: 01 February 2018
Earth-Science Reviews, doi: 10.1016/j.earscirev.2017.11.010
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Article 1 Read 1 Citation Wet and dry extremes in Quito (Ecuador) since the 17th century F. Domínguez-Castro, R. García-Herrera, S. M. Vicente-Serran... Published: 11 October 2017
International Journal of Climatology, doi: 10.1002/joc.5312
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PREPRINT 0 Reads 0 Citations The sunspot observations by Toaldo and Comparetti at November 1779 F. Domínguez-Castro, J. M. Vaquero Published: 11 July 2017
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There is a low frequency of sunspot observations in some years of the 17th and 18th century. In particular, the interval 1777-1795 is one of the periods with scarce observations in the databases. In this note, we report a sunspot observation carried out the 3rd November 1779 by Giuseppe Toaldo and Andrea Comparetti.
Article 0 Reads 1 Citation An updated review on recent trends in observational surface atmospheric variables and their extremes over Spain S.M. Vicente-Serrano, E. Rodríguez-Camino, F. Domínguez-Cast... Published: 30 June 2017
Cuadernos de Investigación Geográfica, doi: 10.18172/cig.3134
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Article 1 Read 2 Citations The climate in Zafra from 1750 to 1840: temperature indexes from documentary sources M. I. Fernández-Fernández, M. C. Gallego, F. Domínguez-Castr... Published: 31 January 2017
Climatic Change, doi: 10.1007/s10584-017-1910-7
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