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Suzan Oelofse   Dr.  Research or Laboratory Scientist 
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Suzan Oelofse published an article in August 2012.
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Article 1 Read 14 Citations Estimating the magnitude of food waste generated in South Africa Suzan HH Oelofse, Anton Nahman Published: 09 August 2012
Waste Management & Research, doi: 10.1177/0734242X12457117
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Throughout the developed world, food is treated as a disposable commodity. Between a third and half of all food produced for human consumption globally is estimated to be wasted. However, attempts to quantify the actual magnitude of food wasted globally are constrained by limited data, particularly from developing countries. This article attempts to quantify total food waste generation (including both pre-consumer food losses, as well as post-consumer food waste) in South Africa. The estimates are based on available food supply data for South Africa and on estimates of average food waste generation at each step of the food supply chain for sub-Saharan Africa. The preliminary estimate of the magnitude of food waste generation in South Africa is in the order of 9.04 million tonnes per annum. On a per capita basis, overall food waste in South Africa in 2007 is estimated at 177 kg/capita/annum and consumption waste at 7 kg/capita/annum. However, these preliminary figures should be used with caution and are subject to verification through ongoing research.