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Conference 0 Reads 0 Citations The Development Timeline Framework: A Tool for Engendering Sustainable Use of Underground Space D. V. L. Hunt, D. R. Lombardi, I. Jefferson, C. D. F. Rogers Published: 07 March 2008
GeoCongress 2008, doi: 10.1061/40971(310)107
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This paper explores the variety and timing of choices available to decision-makers during a redevelopment project for underground infrastructure space for utility services. The issues are explored using the Development Timeline Framework (DTF), a simple tool that makes explicit the importance of the timing of decisions and highlights when choices are locked-out or locked-in. It addresses the complex issues of trade-offs in decision making between various sustainable choices above ground and their requirement for underground space. The DTF enables the practitioner to optimize decision-making so as ultimately to mitigate future impacts, e.g. the potential effects of climate change and provide sustainable utility management practices, whilst enhancing community resiliency.