Professor Matteo Radice

Universidad Estatal Amazonica

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Matteo Radice was born in 1972 in Novara, Italy. He studied chemistry in Pavia, before going to the University of Ferrara, where he obtained his Ph.D. From 1998 to 2002 he was R&D Specialist into the cosmetic department of Rottapharm (ex Laboratori Guieu). Specialized on creation of baby care and body care product, long-term stability analysis and industrial process monitoring. Between 2002 and 2014 he was researcher and International Voluntary Worker for several international development projects, including the Prometeo Project of the Government of Ecuador. From 2015 became Professor of organic chemistry and pharmacognosy at the Amazonian State University of the Republic of Ecuador. His field of research includes herbal medicine bioactivity, natural product isolation and characterization, in particular on cosmetic raw materials based on plant extracts. He has a special interest in organic and fair trade natural products and their applications in pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations. Bio Trade, international development and scientific cooperation in Latin America are his fields of expertise, as well as technology transfer at companies, NGOs and local farmer level. He was consultant for Ecuadorian ministries involved in development projects in the Amazonian region of Ecuador. Institution: Universidad Estatal Amazónica, Ecuador Email:


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