What is Sciforum?

Sciforum is a platform for scholarly exchange and collaboration developed and maintained by MDPI in Basel, Switzerland. With Sciforum you can:

  • Participate in online conferences
  • Share scholarly papers and other files
  • Create or join discussion groups
  • Collaboratively manage bibliographies


Electronic Conferences / Virtual Conferences

Electronic conferences (or e-conferences) are scholarly events that are hold online on this platform during a limited period of time. As they are online, anyone can attend from virtually anywhere. During the time of the conference, participants can discuss online on the conference pages. Proceedings papers and discussions are directly archived on Sciforum for posterity. Typically the electronic conferences on Sciforum are free to participate for both, presenters and attendees.

Traditional Conferences

Sciforum is also the home of a few traditional ("real life") conferences. For those events, Sciforum will typically serve as the platform for registering with the conference, and for the submission of abstracts and manuscripts. Depending on the conference, presentations and proceedings papers will be made available on Sciforum after the event.

Discussion and Collaboration Groups

In Fall 2014 we launched our discussion and collaboration groups. Anyone with a registered account can create a new group. Groups can be either closed access (private groups, members are moderated by the group owner) or open access groups (anyone can join and participate with the groups). Each group is linked to a mailing list, meaning that the messages posted online on Sciforum will be distributed to the group members by e-mail on a regular basis.

Our discussion groups offer a few handy tools for scholars, such as a shared bibliography management tool, export of citations in different formats, sharing and exchanged of files in private groups or directly amongst members of the platform, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding E-Conferences

How to Submit an Abstract & Manuscript?

How to Attend Conferences?

What are the Means of Participation?

Will My Manuscript Be Peer-Reviewed?

What are the Submission and Publication Fees? (It's Free!)

Publication of Papers & Copyright

For any further information, please contact the conference administrative secretary at conferences@sciforum.net.