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2016 International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing

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K: Others

List of Accepted Abstracts (13)
A parameter identification method for structural systems using moving window Fourier Transform
A study of constructed wetland on overflow land type upgrading campus sewage effluent
by T.Y. Yeh  *
EEG Coherence of Recognition Memory: Inter Hemispheric Connectivity Analysis
Impact Deformation Behaviour and Microstructural Evolution of AZ80 Magnesium Alloy under Different Temperatures
Tolerance and Motion Analysis of Antenna Mast
A new method of finding stress solution in plastically compressible solids.
An Adjustable Liquid-Liquid Extraction device for the Extraction of Pharmaceutical Compounds
Development of a Safe and Energy Efficiency Water Heater by Induction Heating
Multi Power Bank
Optimum Design of Bipod Flexures on a Spaceborn Primary Mirror under Different Conditions
Research on Fabrication and Property of NiMn2O4 Coatings for Fe-Cr Alloy Interconnect Applications
Simulation on Geological CO2 Storage in the Western Taiwan Basin
Wireless Power Collection Using Radio Frequency Identification System