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What is Sciforum?

Sciforum strives to support open science in offering a platform and the technology to participate in and host academic conferences. It provides an environment for scholarly exchange, discussion of topics of current interest, building of networks and establishing collaborations. Sciforum was launched in 2009 by MDPI, an academic open-access publisher with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.

Sciforum does not only offer the possibility to participate in conferences, but invites scientists to organize their own conferences. Organizers can reduce administrative efforts by having an online collaboration tool that supports with all aspects of conference organization, including setting up and maintaining the conference website, handling and coordinating the schedule, attendees, posters, invoices, sponsorship management, etc. Organizers can choose between physical and online conferences and whether they require administrative support from Sciforum staff.

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Physical Conferences

Sciforum serves as a platform for conference registrations, and for conference abstract/paper submission and revision. Proceedings and presentations can be made available on Sciforum after the event.

Electronic Conferences

Electronic conferences are events held online that presenters and attendees can participate for free. While the conference is running, participants can use Sciforum as a discussion forum on conference papers and presentations. Proceedings and discussions are immediately archived on Sciforum.

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