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Keynote Speaker

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Invited Speaker
   INDUSTRIE 4.0 – German Perspective on Digital Transformation
   of Industry
   Dipl.-Ing. Schleef, Martin Ulrich
   Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA,    Stuttgart, Germany

     Professional Employment:

  • 2015 - Present : Head of Business Unit Machinery and Equipment Industry at Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart, Germany.
    Furthermore Head of Business Unit Electronics and Microsystems at IPA.

  • 2008-2015 : Head of Department for Factory Planning and Facility Systems (Buildings, Logistics, Environmental, High Purity Processes) at M+W Group, Stuttgart, Germany.
    Engineering for design & build of turnkey projects for electronics industry (Semiconductor, TFT, Photovoltaics, Data Centers, etc.)

  • 2007-2015 : Parallel to the function of Head of Department: Project Manager at M+W Group, Stuttgart, Germany. Assignments for multiple projects, e.g. in Norway (REC), Italy (ST Microelectronics), Malaysia (First Solar), Belgium (IMEC), and Germany (First Solar)
  • 2002-2007 : Design Lead & Project Coordinator at M+W Group, Hsinchu, Taiwan. Design of buildings and facility systems for several TFT- and Semiconductor facilities (e.g. AUO Longtan, AUO Taichung, TSMC). Construction- & Project Management assignments on construction sites, e.g. AUO Taichung and TSMC 14-2 in Tainan.

  • 1999-2002 : Project Engineer at M+W Group, Stuttgart, Germany. Design of facility systems for Semiconductor facilities. Construction- & Project Management assignments on construction sites in Germany (e.g. Infineon)

    Main research activities:

  • Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA focusses on the development of technologies and transfer of knowledge with the target to innovate the products and their production, as well as improve the competitiveness of our industry partners.
    As Head of Business Unit Machinery and Equipment Industry at Fraunhofer IPA, M. Schleef is bundling the compentences of Fraunhofer IPA for companies who transfer developments and innovative production concepts onto the shopfloor, into production. He is also supporting research projects funded by the German government, by federal states of Germany, and by the European Union.


Keynote Speaker
  Formation of the optical transparency micro-patterned pad for the chemical mechanical polishing

   Prof. Keisuke Suzuki  
   Mechanical Information Science and Technology
   Faculty of Computer Science and System Engineering, 
   Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

  • 2016 - present : Professor, Kyushu Institute of Technology

  • 2010–2015 : Associate Professor, Kyushu Institute of Technology
  • 2009-2010 :  Kanazawa University, Kanazawa

  • 2012-2013: Secretary of Kyushu Branch, The Japan Society for Precision Engineering (JSPE)

  • 2012-2013 :  Secretary of Kyushu Branch, The Optical Society of Japan

  • 2014 - present : Secretary of Manufacturing and Machine Tool Division, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME)

  • 2013 : Machine Tool Engineering Foundation Award

  • 2013 :  Best Poster Award, ICPT2013, Taiwan

  • 2009 : Numata Memorial Paper Award, JSPE

    Main research activities:

  • Nano-micro Engineering
  • Chemical Mechanical Polishing
  • Ultra Precision Machining
  • Nano Carbon fine particle
  • Material Science


Keynote Speaker
   Wafer Manufacturing and Shaping of Crystalline Wafers

   Prof. Imin Kao  
   Stony Brook University, State University of New York

  •  2/16 - present : Associate Vice President of Economic Development — Working with the VPED, responsible for various activities of economic development, including the two Centers of Excellence of the State of New York, three Centers of Advanced Technology, Strategic Program for Industrial Resurgence (SPIR), and high-tech incubators; leveraging trilateral collaboration of academia-government-industry for research and economic development

  • 9/14 - present : Director, SUNY Korea Academic Degree Programs (at Stony Brook University, New York)— Responsible for all academic degree programs at SUNY Korea, a global campus of Stony Brook University; plan and manage budget and academic operations; responsible for both undergraduate and graduate degree programs of Stony Brook University (Stony Brook, NY), Fashion Institute of Technology (Manhattan, NY), and Binghamton University (Binghamton, NY); prepare proposals to Korean Ministry of Education to establish new degree programs at SUNY Korea; plan and implement academic degrees and affairs; coordinate all academia-government-industry collaboration
  • 9/06 - present : Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, SUNY at Stony Brook, New York

  • 7/11-present : Responsible for the CEAS academic degree programs in SUNY Korea in Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) in South Korea; SUNY Korea is a global campus of Stony Brook University offering Stony Brook degrees with first class of students entering in Spring 2012

  • 9/14 - 8/15 : Interim Dean, International Academic Programs and Service (IAPS), Stony Brook University (SBU), New York — Responsible for all international academic programs and exchange at SBU, as well as all visa and immigration services for students and faculty at SBU; responsible for all degree collaboration with international partners

  • 8/02 - 8/05 : Faculty Director of the Undergraduate College in Information and Technology Studies (ITS College), Stony Brook University

  • 9/99 - 8/06 : Associate Professor, SUNY at Stony Brook, New York

  • 9/94 - 8/99 : Assistant Professor, SUNY at Stony Brook, New York

  • 9/91 - 8/94 : Assistant Professor, San Jose State University, California

  • 12/90 - 8/91 : Postdoctoral Consultant, Stanford Integrated Manufacturing Association, Stanford

    Main research activities:

  • Biomedical research in orthopedic resection with aids for removal of cancer-infected bone sections
  • Optimal fusion angles of arthrodesis surgery using kinematic modeling
  • Intelligent fault detection and diagnosis (iFDD) and prognosis of systems
  • Modeling and control of wiresaw manufacturing technology
  • Manufacturing process and modeling of Free Abrasive Manufacturing (FAM)
  • Grasping manipulation and control of robotics research
  • Soft contacts
  • Modeling and analysis of human grasping behaviors using robotics theory


Keynote Speaker
  Applying AVM & AMCoT for Industry 4.1

   Prof. Fan-Tien Cheng   
   e-Manufacturing Research Center
   Institute of Manufacturing Information and Systems,
   National Cheng Kung University

  • 2009 - present : Chair Professor of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)

  • 2008 - present : Director of e-Manufacturing Research Center, NCKU

  • 2006 - 2009 : Convener & Director of Automation Engineering Program, National Science Council

  • 2003 - 2009: Distinguished Professor of Institute of Manufacturing Engineering, NCKU

  • 1998 - 2001: Director of Institute of Manufacturing Engineering, NCKU

  • 1990 -1995 : Director of Project Office of Electronics Systems Division, Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST)

  • 1994 - 1995: Senior Scientist of Electronics Systems Division, CSIST

    Main research activities:

  • e-Manufacturing (Industry 4.0)
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Automation
  • Virtual Metrology
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Intelligent Machinery
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Systems