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Viruses 2018 - Breakthroughs in Viral Replication

Viruses 2018 - Breakthroughs in Viral Replication

location 7-9 February 2018

 AXA Convention Centre, Barcelona, Spain

An international scientific conference sponsored by the journal Viruses.

Welcome from the Conference Chair

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the conference “Viruses 2018: Breakthroughs in Viral Replication” to be held in Barcelona, Spain 7-9, February, 2018. The importance of viruses to human health has never been more apparent, and significant progress is being made in understanding virus replication, structure, transmission, pathogenesis, and antiviral immunity. This conference will bring together leading virologists from around the world to share their recent findings. Meeting participants will have the opportunity to present posters and short talks on their work and discuss their research in a relaxed, collegial environment.

The conference is sponsored by MDPI, the publisher of the open-access journal Viruses and follows the very successful meeting “Viruses 2016: At the Forefront of Virus-Host Interactions” held in Jan 2016 in Basel, Switzerland. 

I very much look forward to seeing you at this exciting meeting in Barcelona.

Best regards,

Eric O. Freed, Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief, Viruses
Director, HIV Dynamics and Replication Program
Head, Virus-Cell Interaction Section
Center for Cancer Research
National Cancer Institute
Bg. 535/Rm. 110
Frederick, MD, USA


Conference Chair

Dr. Eric O. Freed
National Cancer Institute, NIH - Frederick, MD, USA

Scientific Advisory Committee Members

Dr. Sandra K. Weller
University of Connecticut, USA



Dr. Carolyn Coyne
University of Pittsburgh, USA
Dr. Sara Cherry
University of Pennsylvania, USA
Dr. Ralf Bartenschlager
University of Heidelberg, Germany

Dr. Felix A. Rey
Pasteur Institute, France

Confirmed Speakers


Prof. Dr. Frank Kirchhoff
Ulm University Hospital, Germany


Prof. Dr. Kay Grünewald
Oxford Particle Imaging Centre, Oxford University, UK


Prof. Dr. Urs Greber
Institute of Molecular Life Sciences, University of Zurich, Switzerland


Prof. Dr. Michael S. Diamond
Washington University in St. Louis, School of Medicine, USA


Dr. Alasdair Steven
Laboratory Structural Biology Research, National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA


Dr. Alain Kohl
Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation, University of Glasgow, UK


Dr. Daniel Douek
National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA


Dr. K. Andrew White
York University, Department of Biology, Canada


Prof. Dr. Adam Zlotnick
Indiana University, USA


Dr. Sara Sawyer
University of Colorado Boulder, USA


Prof. Dr. Clodagh O´Shea
Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory, Salk Institute, USA

Dr. Elena I. Frolova
School of Medicine, The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), USA

Dr. Leo James
Medical Research Council (MRC), UK

Prof. Dr. Don C. Lamb
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany

Prof. Dr. Andrew B. Ward
The Scripps Research Institute, USA

Conference Secretariat

Dr. Lucia Russo
Dr. Delphine Guerin
Mr. Matthias Burkhalter
Tel. +34 936397662

Sponsoring Opportunities

For information regarding sponsoring opportunities, please contact Mr. Antonio Peteira.
Tel. +34 936397662