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2nd International Electronic Conference on Remote Sensing

F: Operational Applications and Services

The main areas of interest of this section are: land, maritime, atmospheric, natural and anthropogenic disasters, change analysis, forest sustainability, food security/global crop monitoring, soil surface and subsurface applications and relevant research topics which are not limited to this list.

Section Chair

Prof. Iain H. Woodhouse

Edinburgh Earth Observatory
School of GeoSciences, UK


List of Accepted Abstracts (7)
Continuous Mapping and Monitoring Framework for Habitat Analysis in the United Arab Emirates
National Synthetic Aperture RADAR (SAR) Winds System - Sentinel-1 derived SAR Winds products over Canadian marine forecast regions
Performance analysis of radar algorithms for oil spill detection systems
Remote sensing data adaptation for calibrated assessment of carbon emission from wildfires in Siberian forests
RUS: a new expert service for Sentinel users
Monitoring the Impact of Climate Manipulation on Peatland by Simple Remote Sensing Indices
Retrieval of Cloud-Cleared Radiance for INSAT-3D Sounder