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5th International Symposium on Sensor Science

5th International Symposium on Sensor Science (I3S 2017)

location27-29 September 2017

AXA Convention Centre, Barcelona, Spain

An international scientific conference sponsored by the journal Sensors.


From robots and self-driving cars to on-site medical diagnostics, the exciting advances in today’s technology require sensors. Biologists, engineers, physicists and chemists are working to provide these sensors. This conference, supported by the journal Sensors, brings together scientists from different areas to discuss important recent developments in sensor technology. The conference format is designed to promote plenty of interaction between scientists and engineers from different disciplines. This is an opportunity to discuss important breakthroughs in sensor technology and related fields; broaden your knowledge, meet sensor scientists from other areas and perhaps develop new mutually beneficial collaborations.

We hope to see you there!



Prof. Dr. Arben Merkoçi
ICREA Professor & Group Leader
Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2)
Campus de la UAB - Bellaterra (Barcelona), Spain


Advisory Committee

Prof. Dr. Peter Seitz 
Executive Chairman I3S2015
Senior Technology Expert, Hamamatsu Photonics Europe, Dornacherplatz 7,CH-4500 Solothurn, Switzerland
Adjunct Professor of Optoelectronics, EPFL, Neuchâtel, Rue de la Maladière 71b,CH-2002 Neuchâtel 2, Switzerland
Innovation Sherpa, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab, ETH Zürich, Leonhardstrasse 27,CH-8092 Zürich, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Michael J. Schöning
Former Editor-in-Chief Sensors
Executive Chairman I3S2005
Director Institute of Nano- and Biotechnologies, Aachen University of Applied Sciences Heinrich-Mußmann-Str. 1, 52428 Juelich, Germany
Prof. Dr. Huangxian Ju
Executive Chairman I3S2004
Changjiang Professor, Director, State Key Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry for Life Science, Department of Chemistry, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093, China
Prof. Dr. Milan M. Antonijevic
Former Editor-in-Chief of Sensors
Executive Chairman I3S2003
Technical Faculty Bor, University of Belgrade, P.O.Box 50, 19210 Bor, Serbia

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Evgeny Katz
Clarkson University
Department of Chemistry & Biomolecular Science
New York, USA

Evgeny Katz

Prof. Dr. Debbie G. Senesky
Stanford University
Aeronautics & Astronautics Department

Stanford, CA, USA

Debbie G. Senesky

Dr. Stefano Mariani
Politecnico di Milano
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Milano, Italy

Stefano Mariani

Prof. Dr. Manuel Lopez-Amo
Universidad Pública de Navarra
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Campus de Arrosadia, Pamplona, Spain

Manuel Lopez-Amo

Prof. Dr. Jandro L. Abot
The Catholic University of America
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Washington, DC, USA

Jandro L. Abot

Dr. José Miguel López-Higuera
Universidad de Cantabria
Electronic Technology Department
Santander, Spain

José Miguel López-Higuera

Prof. Dr. Richard G. Compton
Oxford University
Department of Chemistry
Oxford, UK

Richard G. Compton

Prof. Dr. Chad A. Mirkin
Northwestern University
Department of Chemistry and International Institute for Nanotechnology
Evanston, Illinois, USA

Chad A. Mirkin

Prof. Dr. Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault
Institute of Analytical Sciences
University of Lyon
Villeurbanne, France

Prof. Dr. Elisabetta Comini
University of Brescia and CNR INO
Department of Information Engineering
Brescia, Italy
Elisabetta Comini

Confirmed Speakers

Dr. Meyya Meyyappan
Chief Scientist for Exploration Technology
NASA’s Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA, USA

Meyya Meyyappan

Prof. Dr. Dan Zhang
Lassonde School of Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering
York University, Canada

Dan Zhang

Prof. Dr. Maurizio Porfiri
Tandon School of Engineering
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
New York University, USA

Maurizio Porfiri

Prof. Dr. Eleni Chatzi
Institute of Structural Engineering (IBK)
Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering
ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Eleni Chatzi

Dr. Thomas Schumacher
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science
Portland State University, USA

Schumacher Thomas
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuhmann
Analytical Chemistry-Center for Electrochemical Sciences (CES)
Ruhr-University Bochum
Bochum, Germany
Wolfgang Schuhmann
Prof. Dr. José M. Pingarrón
Complutense University of Madrid
Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry
Madrid, Spain
José M. Pingarrón
Prof. Dr. Lital Alfonta
Ilse Katz Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev-Department of Life Sciences
Beer-Sheva, Israel
Lital Alfonta
Prof. Dr. Michael J. Schöning
Institute of Nano- and Biotechnologies (INB)
FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences
Jülich, Germany
Michael J. Schöning
Prof. Dr. Dmitry Kolpashchikov
University of Central Florida
Chemistry Department
Orlando, FL, USA
Dmitry Kolpashchikov
Dr. Marcos Pita
Instituto de Catálisis y Petroleoquímica, CSIC
Madrid, Spain
 Dr. Marcos Pita

Dr. Dirk Lehmhus
ISIS Sensorial Materials Scientific Centre
University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany

Dr. Dirk Lehmhus

Conference Secretariat

Ms. Lin Li
Dr. Lucia Russo
Mr. Charles Zhao
Ms. Kristjana Xhuxhi 
Mr. Matthias Burkhalter
Dr. Leoni Barrios 
Tel. +34 936397662

Sponsoring Opportunities

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