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5th International Symposium on Sensor Science

S4: Sensors for Structures

Structural health monitoring of aerospace, civil and mechanical structures and components is becoming increasingly relevant to minimize maintenance costs and provide additional layers of safety for the users. The session will focus on the progress of existing or novel sensing concepts including synergies among sensing approaches. All sensing mechanisms including piezoelectrics, piezoresistive, electrostrictives, magnetostrictives, shape memory alloys or polymers and optical are included in this session. Experimental studies are preferred but computational approaches that include applications and experimental results are also welcome. Presentations on data fusion, networking and computing of large amounts of data that are geared towards structural health monitoring applications are also encouraged in this session.

Session Chair

Prof. Dr. Jandro L. Abot
Department of Mechanical Engineering, The Catholic University of America, USA

Progress Towards Integrated Structural Health Monitoring Using Novel Carbon Nanotube Yarn Sensors

Keynote Speakers


Invited Speakers

Dr. Thomas Schumacher
Civil & Environmental Engineering, Portland State University, Portland, OR, USA

Professor Tommy Chan
School of Civil Engineering & Built Environment, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia

Prof. Dr. Christophe Delebarre
Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut Cambrésis, IEMN-DOAE UMR CNRS8520, France


Selected speakers




List of Accepted Abstracts (3)
Recent Advances in Using Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring for Civil Structures
Development of Self-Sensing Carbon Nanotube-based Composites for Civil Infrastructure Applications
Innovative Aeronautical Structural Health Monitoring Ultrasonic Sensor: from Autonomy To High Sensibility