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8th Conference of the International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU)

B: True Smart & Green Urban Economies

The development of urban and regional 'green industries' and 'green economies' is discussed in the framework of this sub-theme. This includes economical aspects of the planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and regeneration of buildings and infrastructures as well as the development of local economies and green industries that are providing sustainable products and services for a local and global market. The range reaches from sustainable industrial products via urban agriculture to special services for a harmonious society. In this way an increasing demand for smart green and sustainable products and services creates its own (green) economy.

Keywords: Economical life cycle analysis of buildings and/or infrastructures from neighborhood to city level, green urban economies, regional economy & currencies, effects of globalization, social-economic resilience.

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Physical Changes in Kampong as an Effort to Survive and Symbiosis of Superblock Developments : The Case of Kampong Menteng Atas and Rasuna Epicentrum Superblock in Jakarta