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8th Conference of the International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU)

C: True Smart & Green Urban Planning and Governance

Approaches and Methods for integrated participative planning and enhanced forms of governance supporting sustainable development and management of urban areas will be discussed in in the framework of this sub-theme. This includes potential answers to the following questions: How can governments and organizations realize integrated urban planning processes with key stakeholders? Which targets and reform strategies can be established to allow for transition to sustainability, in a form that is both, open, adaptive and accountable, allowing for transparent, review and assessment? How can political or sectoral conflicts and vested interests be transcended to enable multi-stakeholder participation and partnerships to be established in decision-making and implementation? Are there good lessons we can draw upon to encourage and facilitate wider public awareness, education (both formal and informal) and capacity building to help empower individuals and communities to take direct action towards sustainable development and environmental protection? How can the sustainability of integrated participative urban planning, management and governance be assessed and certified?

Keywords: Institutions, reform, integrated planning, management & governance, stakeholder participation, welfare, tools and systems for the quantification of sustainability aspects, assessment and certification tools LEED ND, BREEAM, CASBEE, DGNB.

List of papers (16)
by Tao Wan  *
by Nawei Wu  *
List of Accepted Abstracts (15)
Assessment of Sustainable Building and Location Attributes in Germany
Framework for Strategic Benchmarking for Smart Cities in Developing Nations
Inter-regional Cooperation Model of Transportation System Planning in Greater Bandung Metropolitan
Issues of Integrated Management of Public Private Partnership on Water Supply in West Semarang, Indonesia
Relation of settlement development and assessment to safe drinking water in peri-urban areas of Hanoi
Scenario development through participatory processes as a tool for urban and environmental planning integration in the context of climate change. The case of Lower Parana Delta, Argentina
Surabaya towards a green city: qualitative assessments of the city's environmental policies
The Discrepancy of the Key Stakeholders Perceptions and Aspirations in Planning Practice of World Heritage Sites: Case Study of the Temple of Heaven, China
The Illusions of a Smart City in Kenya
The Importance of Integrated Land use and Transportation Planning in Mitigating Traffic Congestion between New Towns and their “Mother” CityCase Study: Western part of Jakarta New Towns and Jakarta
Toward a Healthy Network Tension in Urban Planning~ Examining the Cultural Creative Industries Policy Urban Networks of the Six Municipalities in Taiwan
Transforming Indonesian Green Cities: Case Study Surabaya
Urban Assemblages Regional Initiative Brabantstad according to Actor Network Theory
Urban Planning and Governance for Smart City – Identification of appropriate models
Would Sustainable Urban Regeneration Be Possible Through Adaptive Reuse of Industrial Buildings?: Case Study for Long Island City, Queens, New York