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8th Conference of the International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU)

D: True Smart & Green Urban Design and Visions

Designs and Visions for built and un-built cities as well as the transformation and development of sustainable cities are discussed in the framework of this sub-theme. This includes plans and critiques of model cities and communities, which are built on visions of smart, green sustainable and resilient urban environments, the integrated management of resources and urban space for adaptation to the effects of climate change (such as floods and droughts).

Keywords: Designs, visions and practice examples of true smart and green landscape, architecture and urbanism; urban concepts and designs for new developments; regeneration and transformation of existing urban environments on different scales; plans and concepts for true smart and green urban (re)developments.

List of papers (26)
List of Accepted Abstracts (17)
A review of implementation of sustainable design strategies on high-density living
Beyond Contemporary Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Renewal through Megastructure Demolition
Environmental Impacts of Green Building
Exploring the sustainable social environment by constructing public underground space
Feasibility Study on Linear / Non-linear Optimization of Daylighting in Green Building Façade Design
Floating Architecture Application for the Resilient City
Forthcoming Urban Sensing: Mobile phone for urban data collection
Micro-Scale Communities Movement: Case Studies of Subdivided Development in Long Island City, New York
Primary exploration of green high-rise buildings and their potential for sustainable urban development in Seoul, Korea
Prospective Changes in the Urban Landscape Reflecting Direction of Government Energy Policy: A Focus on Teheran St in Seoul, Korea
Resilient urban waterfront design regeneration in New York, USA, and its transferability to Incheon, Korea
Smart and Sustainable Strategies in the Regeneration of the Historical Neighborhood: Research and Design Practice of the Historical Church Area in Hancheng
Solar Orchid and Home Farm in Singapore
Study on the Green Village Planning in Yangtze River Delta
Surabaya City Plan Towards a Resilient City, A City Plan Review
Sustainable urban water management based on Korean tradition and philosophy and its ancient and modern examples
The Role of Green Space in Regeneration of Brown Field: A Case Study From Tianjin