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8th Conference of the International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU)

E: True Smart & Green Urban Technologies and Infrastructure Systems

Technologies and systems facilitating the transformation of urban areas from pattern-dependent, resource consuming and waste producing to more diverse resource producing and non-polluting environments with improved livability, are discussed in the framework of this sub-theme. The contribution of technological solutions to the vulnerability reduction of built environments will be also a key synergistic topic of this section.

An appropriate combination of hard and soft technologies can enable the realization of truly smart green cities. Resource intensity of urban metabolisms could be e.g. reduced by application of new, innovative, more sustainable and resilient urban infrastructure systems, as well as networks for communication, control, management, transport and distribution. Zero emission design principles can be combined to strengthen the urban metabolism sustainability transition, and to increase the resilience of built environments, e.g. by means of more diverse, decentralized, resource efficient, modular and redundant urban system configuration.

This sub-theme also includes approaches, innovations and practices where economical restrictions force imagination to substitute the lack of sophisticated technologies. Furthermore solution for smart and green individual and public mass transport and approaches for the reduction of mobility demand by developments with high-density and at smart locations will be investigated.

Keywords: Smart infrastructures for telecommunication, urban mining, urban farming, technologies and systems for sustainable resource management aiming for zero emission (sustainable production and management of water, energy, waste), public health and air quality, smart individual and public transport systems, electric mobility, urban network, urban nodes, high-density.

List of papers (16)
List of Accepted Abstracts (5)
A new paradigm for achieving Smart Green City in Korea : Integrating IBS (Intelligent Building System) with BEMS (Building Energy Management System)
Exploring i-Tree for assessing urban trees effects and values
Feasibility Study on Renewable Energy Potential by Application of Building Integrated Photovoltaic and Wind Turbine System in Urban Building Skin
Improving the urban landscape of green infrastructures(Case Study: Green Way Eram Blvd. in Hamadan City)
The Impact of Urbanisation on the Green Space in Africa: The Case of Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo