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Best Paper Awards

Best Paper Awards

The following five papers were awarded:

Section A

[A001] Where's Wally? In Search of Citizen Perspectives on the Smart City
by Vanessa Thomas, Ding Wang, Louise Mullagh and Nick Dunn

Section B

[B002] Sustainable Urban Design: A Study in the Emissions Impact Related to the Choice of Urban Typologies and Construction Process
by Antonio Ángel Rodríguez Serrano and Santiago Porras Álvarez

Section C

[C006] An Introduction and Comparison Study of Beijing's Green Belts' Implementation Modes
by Nawei Wu

Section D

[D004] Comparative Analysis of Material Criteria in Green Certification Rating Systems and Urban Design Guidelines
by Jungwon Yoon and Jiyoung Park

Section E

[E012] Innovation for Low-Rise Construction in the Urban Tropics: Utilization of Structural Bamboo for Cost-Efficient Housing
by Corinna Salzer and Clara Camarasa

International Review Panel

Dr. Anguelovski, Isabelle; Prof. Bekkering, Henco; Prof. Bruyns, Gerhard; Prof. Chang, Shenglin Elijah; Dr. Chelleri, Lorenzo; Dr. Dalisa, Giacomo; Prof. Dickhaut, Wolfgang; Prof. Frantzeskaki, Niki; Prof. Hofert, Karin; Dr. Hui, Xiaoxi Sebastian; Prof. Junge, Ranka; Prof. Kim, Jun-Hyun; Prof. Kim, Lee-Hyung; Prof. Kim, Sungah; Prof. Kriznik, Blaz; Prof. Leoni, Francesco; Prof. Liu, Jian; Dr. Luethi, Christoph; Prof. Maydl, Peter; Prof. Mestre Martínez, Nieves; Prof. Neumann, Maik; Prof. Ostermeyer, York; Prof. Park, Cheol-Soo; Prof. Porras, Santiago; Prof. Rieh, Sun-Young; Prof. Sabaté, Joaquim; Prof. Santoso, Jo; Prof. Schuetze, Thorsten; Prof. Sohn, Saehyung; Prof. Stoy, Christian; Prof. Tieben, Hendrik; Prof. Tosi, Maria Chiara; Dr. Tunas, Devisari; Prof. Van Dorst, Machiel; Dr. Wang, Vivienne; Prof. Wolfram, Marc; Dr. Wriege-Bechtold, Alexander; Prof. Yoo, Uoo Sang; Prof. Yoon, Dong Keun; Prof. Zhang, Ye; Prof. Zhu, Wenyi.