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I: Invited Speech

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Manufacturing consent through integration: Social networks of German journalists in the elite milieu and their effects on coverage
Interdisciplinary Research and Information Dynamics
Media and Information Technology: Social control from above & below and from outside & inside
Power in the Information Society
Responsible Research and Innovation: Limits of Consequentialism and the Need for Hermeneutic Assessment
Big Data and the Understanding of the Political
Big data Commons and the global South
Conviviality: a choice of civilization
Designing desired futures as Enabling Spaces
From Genotype and Phenotype, to Sociotype: An Endless Social Conversation
The Global Brain: a Self-organizing, Distributed Intelligence Emerging from the Web

S1: Conference Stream DTMD 2015

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S2: Conference Stream ICPI 2015

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by Lin Bi  *
by li luo  *
by Jie Feng  *
by Li Luo  *
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Informatically Thinking Through Nanoethics
by Sanhu Li  *
Subjective Bayesian Analysis on Perception of risk about Informational technology Risks
Analysis of the Chinese Civic awareness delevpment on the Internet
Many "-isms" about information
On the problem of human nature recognition from the view of Information Philosophy
by Yan Yuan  *
Practice in virtual society is not unreal
Cybernetics and the God of Occasionalism: A Reassessment of Philosophy of Information
Postmodernism, consumerism and the decline of information quality
Virtual Reality Technology and Ethics Construction

S3: Conference Stream ICTS 2015

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